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Rebels With a Cause

In conversation with L’Homme Rouge – an upcoming brand from Sweden ready to take on the world.

1. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Our aesthetics is always in motion now it’s not very fitted, poetic and playful.

2. What would you like people to take away from looking at your designs?

To remember? We want people to tune into the conceptual part of the brand and each collection and its specific story.

3. Could you tell us more about your recent collection – What message would you give from your work? Do you think it is important for fashion to give a message?

It’s up to every creator to define the purpose of their creations but yes we like purpose. We like to tell stories with every collection and the autumn/winter collection was inspired by an alienated group of Swedish harbor workers who found a abandon shipping container filled with luxury clothing.

4. Who are the Fashion Designers/artists or brands that you admire?

We usually do not look much at other designers but obviously there are a few great ones you have to admire for one reason or another like Margiela, Raf Simons, Van Bierendonck or Rei Kawakubo.

5. Street-wear has lately been more influential in fashion then the major designers. Do you like this current way or do you believe high fashion still exists?

Fashion belongs on the streets.

6. Do you have a muse? How do you feel about the concept of an artist having a muse?

We enjoy exhibitions and such and we might have muses from time to time but not in a general sense no.

7. Do you think fashion reflects the society and culture accurately and does it still influence people or holds the same power in today’s social media obsessed society?

In conceptual design it’s quite clear, you can see lots of rebellion in the fall winter collections, it’s quite obvious why.

8. Film is another medium that has developed a strong relation to fashion lately. Have you collaborated on any fashion film or plan to?

We did collaborate with Henrik Hanson in a film for AW16 where we featured some young Swedish artists. For AW17 we’re working on a project with Lars Bronseth.

9. Masculinity has been in spotlight a lot in the last decade. How do feel about this new contemporary masculinity?

We don’t really focus or think too much in terms of gender, it’s quite natural seeing the two blend.

10. Which famous personality or fictional character in your opinion defines the contemporary macho man – what makes him macho?

I wouldn’t use the word macho but if you are referring to the not so gender fixated new generation I guess we could refer to a similar time in the 70’s where the heroes had names like Bowie and Prince.

11. How in your opinion has feminism evolved in comparison to this new masculinity?

Well on the one hand you see a complete blend towards the middle but on the other hand there’s a counter reaction and some are emphasizing the gender roles instead.

12. What is your opinion of porn? How do you feel about fashion’s mutually comfortable relation with porn?

The concept in itself is liberating but the norms of porn are in general so very obsolete. Fashion, photography, art or whatever we see nudity everywhere but it’s very little I would label porn.

13. There is always a big debate on the role of the ‘Fashion School’ with strong cases for both ‘for’ and ‘against’ it. Where do you stand on it? Is fashion education all that it is marketed up to be?

Education is good but it’s just one way to learn. Coming from a different angle can many times be an advantage. There are no right and wrongs.

14. Do you believe in elitist fashion or a more democratic accessible to all fashion?

Accessible is good as long as it does not compromise the living standards of fellow human beings, animals and so on.

15. How do you feel about the recent craze of collaboration? Have you done any interesting collaborations? Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Collaborations are good marketing wise and can bring new dimensions to brands. Most are however just meaningless; we would not collaborate with celebrities just for their influence. A collaboration needs to be authentic, the both collaborators have to bring their own expertise to the table in order to create something none of them could have done on their own.

16. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Opening the store in Stockholm and doing the fashion week shows.

17. What is next for you? How do you see your work developing in the coming years?

We’ve done well in Sweden so we’re preparing to take the next steps.

18. What’s on your music playlist these days?

There’s quite a few African influences, not sure where that will take us.

Photography by Emma Svensson (@emmasvenssonphoto)

Photography by Mathias Nordgren (@nordgrenmathias)

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