On the sidelines of the Tokyo Fashion Week F/W 17 we talk to designer Yukihero Teshima of the brand Yukihero after the brands very successful showing of their trendsetting Fall/Winter 2017 collection at the Tower Records in Shibuyia.

Interview with the Designer: Yukihero

1. Wrestling is generally considered a Low form of Art within Popular culture – How do you see it being used for High End fashion – What statement are you giving by doing it?

Pro Wrestling is full of inspiration for me since I have been watching it since I was 7 years old. It’s always been able to impress me with the whole feeling and atmosphere that is created by the event and the venue. I find it very inspiring to design with.

2. Wrestlers have the persona to be very ‘Macho’ – do you feel that way when you design clothes inspired from it?

Pro wrestling has a lot of different characters and hence body types so I don’t focus specifically on the ‘macho’ for inspiration. It’s wrestling as a whole.

3. Wrestling also has a lot of association with Porn and sexuality these days – Is that an element you like to bring in your create work when you get inspired from it? Do you like to sexualize your collections?

I started out as doing Menswear only, but recently I have also done womenswear – I tried porn and sexuality as an inspiration during my second season but then I moved away from it. I aim to depict a more positive “HERO” through my designs. And porn can sometimes be taken as a negative character.

4. What defines a modern ‘Macho’ person?

Who in your opinion is the most ‘Macho’ person Hmm. I don’t know. I really like Rikidouzan and Antonio Inoki, since they were really influential in spreading wrestling in all of Japan.

5. How is your experience of being part of Tokyo Fashion Week?

I felt it was very hard! Very fast, lot of deadlines. At times, TFW felt similar to a school festival with the deadlines and pressure to finish and present your work.

6. What is next for you and the Brand?

Next we will be collaborating with Japanese idol so that is very exciting and something to look forward to.

7. What are you inspired by the most?

Pro wrestling ofcourse and the “HERO” in general, the Alpha Male so to speak…I like all aspects of it through culture, history etc.

8. What is the most important statement you want to give when you use Wrestling as your inspiration?

I made Pro wrestling costumes so I was familiar with the whole thing. So through my designs I ma giving homage to it, thanking the fans in a way. I have a lot of respect for them.

9. Your show was staged at ‘Tower Records’ and not in the general venue with the other designers. Why?

How important do you think venue is to the show? I designed a poster for Tower Records and got talking of collaborations and that led to our show being staged at Tower Records. It became very exciting as everyone just seem to love the idea in a heartbeat. That encouraged us to see this collaboration through.

10. Do you have a muse? Who is that?

My team and my staff are my muse. Maybe in the future I will use a specific and personal muse but I feel very interested in our team work and so I am holding up on that thought.

11. If there is one celebrity you want dress up in your clothes – who would it be? Why?

I have never thought if it like that. To me its about any person likes my clothing and wants to wear it. They are all equally special.

12. Do you have any favorite wrestlers?

That’s a very difficult question. I love all pro wrestlers. I guess if I have to name some then Antonio Inoki , Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kasai Jun can be the ones with that extra special feeling.

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