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Rebels With a Cause

In conversation with L’Homme Rouge – an upcoming brand from Sweden ready to take on the world.

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Sex, Lies and Porno-tapes


Erika Lust is an acclaimed filmmaker offering an alternative to the mainstream porn industry. She is also the creator of groundbreaking audiovisual Project – the first crowdsourced series that brought adult film to cinema screens.

Born in 1977 in Sweden, Erika burst out into the adult industry in 2004, with the indie short film The Good Girl – a humorous statement of principles using the “pizza delivery boy” trope. Since then she has directed four multi-award winning features: “Five Hot Stories For Her”, “Barcelona Sex Project”, “Life Love Lust” and “Caberet Desire”, and has also written five books including “Let’s Make A Porno” and her acclaimed erotic novel “La Cancion de Nora” (“Nora’s Song”).
In 2015, she gave her “It’s Time for Porn to Change” talk at TEDxVienna which gained her notoriety for her campaign to change porn.

Erika lives in Barcelona with her partner and husband Pablo and their two daughters, Lara and Liv.

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Fifty Flags of Grey

Andrea works under the Pseudonym name “All Flags Are Grey” and is an artist and musician having her music featured on MTV Kerrang and NME. Her collection of art works lies at the center of a vortex swirling fragments of deeply personal memories driven by her inner war and her reaction to society’s underlying sadness. Her work “Minneapolis and Graffiti” tells the twisted tale of her encounter with mid-America’s immigration system.

There is humor to her work yet a dark honesty which has lead her work to be described as ‘beautifully vulgar’ Her most recent project “Karl’s Salon” looks at the sexualization of women as Andrea confronts her own personal traumas engendered by this, whilst taking female objectification to the extreme “all in the name of fashion ”

I want my vagina to be a man named Karl it’s more of a man than a women 


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MAY’ the Force be with You!

May hails from Gumma, Japan, and is the hot new face on the Tokyo fashion scene participating in such shows as ‘Vogue’s Night out’, and Ishida, Japan. When she is not modeling, May enjoys acting in music videos for Japanese Indie bands. Watch out! The force is strong with her. We caught up with her for some quick thoughts on fashion, style and other things pop.

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Erika Lust presents Latex Sessions

– her next installment in the highly acclaimed     ‘XConfessions’ series

“I am so beyond thrilled to release this homage to the kinkiest, most fetishistic garment in existence – latex” Erika Lust

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Born in Kingston Jamaica, Andre O’ Gray is a Boston based Photographer whose work has been featured in such magazines as Parle and Pump. His work effortlessly captures the glamorous yet gritty and urban vibe that has been so influential and relevant to fashion currently. Read more →


On the sidelines of the Tokyo Fashion Week F/W 17 we talk to designer Yukihero Teshima of the brand Yukihero after the brands very successful showing of their trendsetting Fall/Winter 2017 collection at the Tower Records in Shibuyia. Read more →

Selina Farooqui

A graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts in Qatar, is an upcoming young designer who started her own label in August 2010 specializing in luxury ready-to-wear apparel and accessories. Her brand image is a collaboration between Indian and Arabian cultural influences on contemporary styled garments. Unique blends of fabrics, details, embellishments, colors and use of textures are what set Selina Farooqui apart from her competitors. Her designs combine luxury, beauty and femininity into everyday glamour. Selina Farooqui sells her collection privately and in boutiques in Qatar. Read more →

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